Monthly Archives March 2016

Fill your Boots!

On Friday, which is my not-drawing-but-catch-up- on-everything-else day, I Spotted one of my textile designs whilst flying around the shops.  Mini Club at Boots (Boots the chemist in my day!) have got some really cool, bold prints in their SS2016 range, defo worth a look if you’re buying clobber for any Littlies. X
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Tropicals and Justin Bieber

Today I am mostly working on some tropicals for summer 2017 and I’m listening to Justin Bieber – very loud because the squids are at school and therefore can’t tell me to turn it down! They like a bit of Justin themselves but not as much as me…….and when the time
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Yay for World Book Day!

Yay, it’s World Book Day! So I thought I’d blog about a picture book that I bought recently called Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Jarvis. The illustrations are so beautiful and unite with the story effortlessly. I particularly like the scenes of New York and Venice – they are both places I’d
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