The whole heart bit in the middle!

Last weekend, Littlest and I got a couple of hours of girl time together in town, so we did some shopping. In other words Littlest went in all the shops she likes and I was totally fleeced! Anyway, we stopped off in a branch of a well known chain of Coffee Emporiums. Sometimes I like an independent coffee shop, it’s a gamble, you don’t know if you’re going to like the coffee they have on offer but hey you’re feeling adventurous. That day we went into a branch of a well known chain of coffee emporiums because I wasn’t feeling that adventurous, I wanted a large Mocha and I wanted to know what it tasted like before I tasted it. Littlest didn’t mind cos a hot chocolate is a hot chocolate is a hot chocolate. Anyway, we sat down with our treats and Littlest had chosen a giant jammy dodger style biscuit (she liked my Valentine’s card -a few blog posts back, bless her, very loyal.) So I decided to chance my arm and asked her if I, or Mummy in the third person could have a small bite of said giant jammy dodger.

“No Mummy, you can’t.” I was a bit disgruntled at this until she went on to say :-

“You can have the whole heart bit in the middle because I love you so much……..and I don’t want it,” she added.  Sure enough, she gave me the whole heart bit in the middle and I decided to take a photo so I could make a character out of it. Of course I told her I loved her more. And she said morer, and then I said most, and she said mostest and so on and so on. Love talking like a 6 year old with a 6 year old. X

heart pic

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