Halloween is coming!

We have had a spider living on the outside of our kitchen window for several weeks now (yes the word on the street was that I’m not a great one for cleaning windows!) Said Spider has been declared a female and named Izzy by Littlest and for several mornings, whilst making breakfast, we have watched her come out onto her web and methodically mend the centre part, using thread from her bottom (sorry don’t know the technical term.) The web seems to have been blown in over night, either that or she’s been having midnight feasts. Most days Izzy is up before us and beavering away on her web and then this morning she didn’t appear (Oh no, I thought I’d be explaining to Littlest that she had gone to a better place etc etc) Mid morning, just as I was making a coffee she appeared like a sulky teenager – so that was a decent old lie in then! Anyway Izzy has a home with us for as long as she likes and to say thanks she is probably making hundreds of babies that will migrate into the house and scare us all to death…well it is nearly Halloween!

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