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Find out more about my pet portraiture below.

My daughter and Sookie

We love our pets, they are our best friends, companions and definitely members of the family. My aim is to capture not only the image but the essence of your much loved pet. My paintings are printed onto canvas – an ideal present for yourself or to gift to family and friends.


Portrait in progress.

I graduated in 1996 and worked in design and illustration in London until 2010 when I moved to Devon with my husband and two children, now I paint from my home studio. I work with Adobe Creative software to paint digital artwork, using favoured brushes and charcoal techniques which I have honed over the years to compliment my personal artistic style. I use a well established printing company favoured by professional artists and photographers to print my artwork onto a variety of canvas sizes.

How to commission a portrait of your pet.


  • I like to work with at least one very good, high resolution photograph of your pet.
  • A close-up head and shoulders shot with natural light behind the person taking the photo works well.
  • I am unable to work with blurry, grainy photos or images where the pet has photo red-eye or is positioned in the distance.
  • The angle at which the photograph is taken is important so that the composition of the image is not distorted and features – such as noses/eyes do not appear too big or too small etc (however I am also very happy to work from your favourite quirky photos too).
  • Other good, clear, close-up, photographs are useful in helping me get to know your pet’s unique markings, colouring  and personality, but I like to work specifically from one great photograph that you love. Email to:- (trouble emailing photos? drop me a line and I can help with that.)

Portrait pricing, canvases and payment.

Artwork of a single pet (head and shoulders) – £160.

Artwork of two pets painted together (head and shoulders) £250

Artwork of three images of a pet – perhaps at different ages, puppy, youngster, and as an older dog (heads and shoulders)£280.

Artwork for a single pet – full posture or sitting starts at £220 (email with any other commission requests).

A breakdown of pricing:-

For example:  Single pet portrait of head and shoulders £160 + your canvas choice (e.g 40x40 cm £23) + postage and packaging £16 = £199

Once I have completed the portrait I will email a low res jpeg of the final artwork for you to preview. When the painting is approved I require payment in full to proceed with sending the finished artwork to you as a high res jpeg or to be printed onto the canvas of your choice.  Once payment is received you can expect your canvas to arrive approx 7-10 working days later.

Payment is made via our Paypal link or BACS and details of this are emailed to you. Cheques can be sent to me, I can supply my postal address.

Canvas pricing and postage

The inks used in printing are highly durable, en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friendly and UV-resistant so the colours do not fa­de.

Square Canvas (supplied with hanging kit to affix)
20x20 cm  £12
30x30 cm  £18
40x40 cm  £24
50x50 cm  £33
60x60 cm  £42
70x70 cm  £55
80x80 cm  £62
90x90 cm  £67
Rectangular Canvas (supplied with hanging kit to affix)
20x30 cm £10
30x40 cm £20
40x50 cm £28
40x60 cm £33
50x70 cm £35
60x80 cm £45
60x90 cm £50
90x120 cm £75
90x140 cm £90
Postage £16 for the UK, this covers protective packaging and Royal Mail Special delivery guaranteed (insured) postage.
For worldwide shipping – please email me your postal requirements for an individual costing.
Clients may collect their printed canvases from me with no postal charge.
Email: with any questions and examples of your pet photography. You may also like to scroll down to read FAQs below.
The beauty and artistry of a painting capturing the perfect likeness of a photograph.
Rex, the Labrador cross.


Portrait of Rex printed on canvas in situ

This is Rex, a Labrador/cross, the portrait was commissioned by Mrs C. Brent, Surrey, and printed onto a square canvas size 50cm x 50cm (beige wash behind with remainder of canvas left white).

“I am so thrilled with my painting of Rex.”

Rex was given a home with the Brent family five years ago after he was abandoned on Wandsworth Common and rescued by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Hunnie, the cross breed Staffie/Labrador 


This is Hunnie, a Staffie/Labrador cross, the portrait was commissioned by Mrs C M Arnold, Gloucestershire, and printed onto canvas size 40cm by 40cm with grey wash and white canvas background.

“My portrait arrived far quicker than I expected and I am so pleased with it, I can’t thank Jane enough.”

Hunnie was given a forever home with Mrs C. M. Arnold when she was one year old and her original family could no longer look after her.


  • Do you paint cats and horses/ponies? Yes.
  • Can I send a hard copy of a photograph? Yes, if it is a good quality, close-up of the pet’s head and shoulders. I recommend that you send a copy rather than a cherished one-off photo in case it is lost in the post, alternatively send me the photo via recorded delivery. I will return the photo with your canvas. You may prefer to scan a photo and email this to me.
  • Can I commission a painting of my pet – full posture, sitting or standing? Yes, again a good quality photo or photos are required, email me to chat about your specific commission, pricing starts at £220 for the artwork.
  • Can I just buy the artwork so I can have it printed and framed elsewhere? Yes, you can buy any artwork and I will send it to you via email as a downloadable jpeg. You only pay the price of the artwork and there are no postage costs. This gives you the freedom to have the portrait printed and framed yourself.
  • What about the background of the portrait? I like to use a neutral background wash which compliments the natural colouring of your pet. Please let me know if you would like a particular coloured wash and if you would prefer no white background. I do not add clouds, scenery etc as I feel this detracts from the all important image and expression of your pet.
  • Can I choose whether my pet wears his/her collar in the painting? Yes, let me know if you would like your pet’s collar/scarf etc included in the portrait.
  • When can I expect my pet portrait jpeg or canvas to arrive? Please allow approximately 4 weeks from my order confirmation email. Your canvas may arrive before this time. When I have a backlog of portraits I will let you know a realistic arrival date. At busy times such as Christmas please allow an extra 5 working days for canvas printing and posting.
  • Can I buy more than one canvas to give to family and friends? Yes, when you buy the pet portrait artwork you can order as many canvases as you like. Extra canvases are charged at the canvas prices listed above (extra postage costs may be incurred). If you order another canvas or canvases of your pet portrait at a later date then the postage of £16 and an admin fee of £10 also applies plus the canvas size and corresponding canvas price you choose.
  • I have seen other artwork on your website and I’d like my pet portrayed in a more playful style, is this possible? I have worked in illustration for many years, if you would like a playful sketch/painting of your pet, email me:
  • Can I buy other artwork I have seen on your website? Yes, for prints of my artwork here is my shop. If you would like to purchase a canvas please email specifying the artwork and canvas size from the list above.

Any further questions, please email me: or drop me a line via the contact page on this website.

Privacy policy and cookies.

The dinosaur and the ladybird
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Haldon Forest, Devon
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What would Lara do? Love Pandas!
Hoe does your garden grow?
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Cuddle up and read a good book!
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I can see the weekend from here!
Is that you Grandma!
Elephants aren't really grey!
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Beach Huts, Teignmouth
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The Lion and the Ladybird!
The Tate St Ives, Cornwall
Port Isaac, Cornwall
Polzeath, Cornwall
Budleigh Salterton
Pushing an elephant up the stairs!
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Shaldon Beach, Devon
Mousehole, Cornwall
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First day of Autumn
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Taller than the tallest flowers
Haldon Belvedere (Lawrence Castle) Devon
Anti-caking Agent!
Herbal Teas.....aledgedly
Topsham and Exe Estuary
Panda Birthday Card
Panda's are way cooler than unicorns!
Teignmouth Beach, Devon
Exmouth-Starcross Ferry, Devon
Dawlish Warren Beach, Devon
Dawlish Warren beach huts
Camping - it's intense!
Giraffe and flowers
Beach Huts (inspired by Teignmouth)
Haldon Forest, Devon
Shaldon, boats in winter sunshine!
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