Izzy gets googled!

Littlest wanted to know more about Izzy the spider so we went on the google! Turns out that she is a Garden Spider and her pretty markings verify this, that and the fact she is outside braving all weathers rather than inside waving at me from the plug hole. Littlest was also correct, she is a she on account of her big size, male Garden Spiders are quite a bit smaller. This morning she had changed the position of her web and it glistened prettily with dew drops, although it did look a bit raggedy compared to her normal high standards of web- work! Apparently the females lay eggs in large pouches in early autumn. Sure enough Izzy has tucked at least two egg sacks in a furry woven mess in the corner of the kitchen window, so in the spring we’ll get hundreds of bundles of spiderling joy. As the climate and weather starts to get colder so Izzy’s days are somewhat numbered but until then, as she bobs about on her windy web, she’ll be a vision of arachnid girl power……Happy Halloween.

Bergies Spider

Littlest’s drawing of Izzy.

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